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Campsite Activities

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Under the expert hands of jérôme, in a zen space, you will abandon yourself to the pleasure of massage ..

Half a day a week, at the Parc de la Grève campsite, Jérôme takes care of you.


Zen space near the pond


Why be locked in a room while you can get a massage at the water's edge with the sweet souinds of birds, sometimes frogs or the Tibetan gong ..


This zen space that can be used for rest or reading, is dedicated to jérôme massages once a week.




Different types of massages at the campsite


Le Parc de la Grève campsite trusts Jerome to do sublime massages according to regulars. He knows how to meet your expectations by practicing various technics, relying on different colours and / or odours, with the support of the gong sometimes.


If you want to know more about Jérôme's massages, here is a link to follow: Jérôme bien être


Jérôme is present at the welcome drink on Sunday late morning to answer your questions or to make your appointments.

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