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Our environmental commitments

Welcome to Ushuaïa Villages Le Parc de la Grève campsite, a haven of nature and biodiversity in the heart of the village. To ensure that these words remain true in a few years, we must act collectively in the preservation of our environment. Here are our commitments.

Green Key Certification since 2020

We are proud to announce that our campsite has been awarded the Green Key certification since 2020, acknowledging our environmental commitment and concrete actions towards sustainable development.

Environmental Footprint Assessment

The Green Key certification provides us with a valuable opportunity to meticulously evaluate our environmental footprint. This in-depth analysis allows us to implement solutions to reduce our impact on nature.

Initiatives for Impact Reduction


Local Products and Producers

In our bistro, we prioritize the use of local and organic products from dedicated producers such as Sébastien from Brétignolles sur mer, Eric from the Saint Gilles Croix de Vie fish market, Cœur de Grange in Coex, Moulin des Gourmands in Saint Révérend, and potatoes from Noirmoutier.

Waste Management

We have minimized the use of disposable packaging, replacing cardboard pizza boxes with washable containers that you can return to the bistro. Solutions are also provided to reduce the use of disposable water bottles and cleaning products. A composting system is in place to valorize raw food waste. The best waste is the one that is not produced.

Drinking Water

In our accommodations, we encourage you to drink high-quality tap water. For those who prefer a more refreshing option, we offer a service of glass bottles to be filled at the bar with filtered, still, or sparkling water (with a small fee). A simple way to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Respect for Land and Biodiversity

Phytosanitary products are banned from our practices, ensuring the safety and health of all—plants, insects, animals, and humans. Biodiversity workshops will take place at the campsite because understanding and appreciating nature are essential for its preservation.

Resource Preservation

Water is a precious resource. At Camping Le Parc de la Grève, watering is kept to a minimum (pedagogical vegetable garden, specific plants during drought, some flowerpots). In winter, after pruning trees and shrubs, shredding and mulching are done around plants to ensure a season without watering.

Sustainable Mobility

Electric cars are welcome at Ushuaïa Villages Le Parc de la Grève campsite, with a charging station available in the parking area for a carbon emission reduction contribution. Bicycles are also widely used around the campsite, providing an eco-friendly means to reach the beach, lake, or explore various marked trails.

We are delighted to share this natural space with you

The campsite's park encourages "slow tourism," naturally prompting you to slow down, spend time under a tree, observe passing seagulls, pigeons bickering, or the Grey Heron that has decided to fish in our pond. Naturally, you will want to be part of this environment.

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