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At Le Parc de la Greve campsite, we love real barbecue. You know, the one who smells like firewood.

However, for safety reasons, we allow only BBQ with cover lid. 

Regulations in Vendée are strict in the littoral zone, in particular close to forests. The Vendée seaside is particularly sensitive to winds, which can sometimes be strong, and wooded areas can be particularly dry.
Our Campsite, Le Parc de la Greve in l'Aiguillon sur Vie, is less exposed to wind, but get various plants and trees (here comes our name: park), which is also the beauty for campers in love with nature. Therefore we must be vigilant in summer and take some safety measures.
Therefore, to enjoy the unique taste of a charcoal grill, we only allow BBQs with a lid, to quickly stifle a fire that would grow. We also advise you to keep a container of water near the fire. In the most extreme cases, fire extinguishers are available at different places of the campsite and in all accommodations.
Alternatively to your own BBQ, you will find a Weber BBQ with a lid at the campsite reception for 10 € / day. We offer you charcoal for your first meal!
Trick:  to save your charcoal, close the hatch under the BBQ and the lid as soon as the cooking is over. The fire will choke very quickly, keeping much of your usable charcoal . In some cases, you can have a second meal without refilling!
Electric BBQ and planchas (power below 2kw) or gas BBQ are also allowed,

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