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The Bistro


Opening dates and times 2024

 The bistro at Camping Ushuaïa Villages le Parc de la Grève in l'Aiguillon sur Vie will open its doors from April 6 during the day (6 days a week).

The bistro restaurant will be open:

From April 27, Saturday lunchtime for a themed lunch (mussels and fries, barbecue, burgers, etc.).
From May 6, until Whit Monday, then during the summer holidays, the restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner every day.
From May 21 to July 5, the restaurant will offer a chip shop offer at lunchtime by reservation only.
The online ordering service will be renewed this summer. Order online and pick up your meals

Our values

At Camping Le Parc de la Grève, we favor the quality of simple cuisine. This is why we make a lot of homemade products and preparations, starting with pizza dough and burger buns whose flour is produced at the Moulin des Gourmands in Saint Révérend, based on wheat produced at Aiguillon on Life.
We also favor fresh, local vegetables, those from Sébastien (which you can find on Wednesdays on the small Aiguillon market square) or the magnificent Noirmoutier potatoes available in principle from mid-May (in fries). a delight, the best in the West it seems..)
And what about the Miel de Chataignier or the forest of Vincent Petit, a pure delight produced in Commequiers
For our hamburgers, our beef mainly comes from the Coeur de Grange farm, some of our accompanying sauces are homemade. Our duck comes from Maison Rougeé, well known in Vendée for its quality. Our Vendée ham comes from Maison Petigas, in Apremont.
What can we also say about the Sardines of Saint Gilles, a true flagship product of our region.
We therefore offer you a range of burgers, pizzas, salads and “bistro” dishes. And why not try something atypical, with a poke bowl. Originally from Hawaii, this complete dish is ideal on a hot day.

Here is a little preview of our May bistro menu:


To share :

Snack Platter, Vegetarian Platter

Pizzas (evening only)

Margherita, Ham, Queen, 4 cheeses, honeyed goat cheese, Indian


Classic, Cheesy, Vegetarian, Crunch, Forest


Caesar, Goat Pizette


Nuggets, cordon bleu donuts, fries
We wish you a very good appetite.

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